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Danube Delta, one of the largest delta of european continent and one of the best preserved wetlands, was born and grows at the Danube's meeting with Black Sea, where the river ends its long transcontinental journey of about 2860 km, started in the Black Forest in Germany. Milleniums side by side, delta area has been extended, forming an original landscape of channels, lakes, huge expanses of reeds, forests with tropical aspect, pastures and sand dunes.

The village's name is Murighiol(Turkish origin) and it means "Violet Lake", because of its grey color which the lake's waters near the village are taking sometimes. The area benefits from a varied relief, with hills and valleys, being bordered at EAST by danube and in SOUTH by Violet Lake and Salty Lakes.

Our camping is located at about 36 km from Tulcea, on DJ222C, accessible on two ways:

  • On Tulcea-Dunavat road: Tulcea, Malcoci, Nufaru, Victoria, Bestepe, Mahmudia, Murighiol
  • On Tulcea-Murighiol road: Tulcea, Agighiol, Valea Nucarilor, Colina, Sarinasuf, Plopu, Murighiol
  • Because of the experiences gained over the years in fishing domain, we can undoubtedly offer you an unforgettable holiday.

    The space camp can be easily found because it's nearby the main road, at about 350m from the entrance in the village (Mahmudia->Murighiol road). Our camp site is located in a rustic household and we recommend it to those persons who do enjoy the host's hospitality and prefer peace and comfort, advantages which you will find only at us.

    Often, the words cannot describe reality as it is so we invite you to discover the delta's mysteries.